All products have 14 days to return, without the need for any excuse when returning the item. They must all come in their box with all the accessories and in perfect condition. After these 14 days, if a product stops working or something happens, the guarantee would have to be processed.

DOA stands for “Dead On Arrival”, which in Spanish means “dead on arrival”. In the context of computer products, DOA refers to a term used to describe a product that arrives to the buyer defective or not working properly from the moment it is received.

When a product is labeled DOA, it means that the buyer is entitled to an immediate replacement at no additional cost. This is a consumer right and a guarantee offered by manufacturers and sellers of computer products.

Computer products may be labeled as DOA if they have problems such as not booting, black screen, unusual hum or noise, or if they do not work properly due to a problem with their hardware or software.

Most manufacturers and sellers have clear and detailed policies for dealing with DOA products, and buyers should report any issues immediately in order to request a replacement. In many cases, the buyer must return the defective product and a new one will be sent to the buyer once the problem is confirmed.

It is important to note that the term DOA does not apply to products that are broken or damaged due to misuse or negligence by the buyer. If a product works properly upon receipt, but subsequently develops a problem, the purchaser must follow the manufacturer’s or seller’s warranty procedures to resolve the problem.

In short, DOA refers to computer products that arrive defective and do not function correctly from the moment they are received. Buyers are entitled to an immediate replacement at no additional cost, as long as the manufacturer’s or seller’s warranty procedures are followed.

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